kotorska - Montenegro

     When we passed Verige and looked over to Perast, two islands and mountaintops to our heart’s content, we arrived to Lepetane, which lies in an idyllic peace, protected from the North wind.
     During the Middle ages Lepetane was called “The Place of Saint Lovrienec” for the church which existed there and which is connected to a legend of three brothers - saints: Andria, Peter and Lovrienec.
     “Lepetane” got its current name by the nicknames of some Perast families (“Lepetanus”) which owned land in this area.
    Lepetane is born village of Lazar Tomanovi
æ - famous statesman, Luka Tomanovic - sculptor, Spiro Tomanovic - professor, Milutin Tomanovic - statesman, and other members of great Serbian family Tomanovic.
People of Lepetane have always been great seafarers.
The capetain Marko Tomanovic had in 1827 won a ship battle against Turkish invaders.
     The parochial church of St. Anton (from the 18th century) boasts an altar picture by the Tiepollo school