dr Lazar TomanovicPh.d. Lazar TOMANOVIC, statesman. Born in the village of Lepetane, Boka Kotorska in 1845. Died in November 1932. Attended secondary school in Zadar and Novi Sad. Studied law in Budapest and Graz. Took a doctor's degree in law in Graz (1874). Secretary of the Senate of Montenegro until 1874. On probation in the court in Kotor and practicing law in Cetinje from 1874 to 1888. Editor of "Glas Crnogoraca" (Voice of Montenegrins) during the war with Turkey in 1876 and from 1888. Judge of the Supreme Court in Cetinje from 1903 and its President from 26 February 1903 to 1907. Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs from 4 April 1907 to 10 August 1911. Minister of Justice from 4 April 1907 to 2 April 1909. Minister of Internal Affairs from 24 January to 31 March 1910. Representative of Minister of Justice from 1 September 1910 to 10 August 1911. Prime Minister from 10 August 1911 to 6 June 1912. Judge of the Supreme Court from 1910. Retired on 19 April 1920. Contributor of a large number of Serbian periodicals, calendars and newspapers before the 1918 unification. Editor of periodicals and yearbooks. Translated from Italian.
Major works: Petar II Petrovic Njegos as a Ruler (1896); On the Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1909); My Years as Minister (1921).